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Damage to Foundation for Flood Damage in Novi & Detroit, MI

Damage to Foundation for Flood Damage

Southeast Michigan homeowners know how many times it rains annually and how much trouble flood causes them. But how much damage can a flood cause to your foundation? The answer is… A lot.

In a flood scenario when almost half of your house is submerged in water, your foundation gets damaged by fast-moving water as it enters and widens foundation cracks. Foundation pilings deep in the ground aren’t safe from rapid floodwaters either. As the water rushes in, it can create instability that allows pilings to shift or even break. Any movement of your home’s foundation puts the entire house at the risk of collapsing.

Professional Restoration Help from Concraft

Get Professional Help from Concraft Before its Too Late

Concraft’s restoration team is available 24/7 for flood damage restoration and drywall repair services throughout Southeast Michigan. Our highly-trained restoration team is officially certified by the IICRC and RIA. We treat your water-damaged contents with special dehumidification services along with drywall and your entire home. Detailed inspection is carried out by our team for damage assessment and proper restoration. 

Foundation Services by concraft

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Rely on Concraft for Flood Damage Restoration in Troy & Plymouth

Flood itself is a troublesome matter, and when it reaches inside your home, the destruction is unmeasurable. Minimize the damages with Concraft’s help. We also offer drywall damage restoration if your drywall was damaged due to a flood. We are serving Fraser, Pontiac, Plymouth, Birmingham, and more cities in Southeast Michigan. Call us now at 248-265-3438 for immediate assistance.