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Superior Mold Remediation in Utica, MI

The first stage in achieving successful mold removal is identifying and rectifying sources of moisture found with advanced detection technology. For superior mold remediation service in Utica, MI, rely only on Concraft. We work in negative pressure remediation chambers composed of plastic sheeting and other barriers to prevent mold contamination. 

When mold can no longer grow or spread, it's removed or enclosed to prevent further contamination. Mold spores are reduced to a normal level once indoor air has been purified and filtered. Items damaged by mold beyond salvage are discarded. For superior mold remediation in Utica, call the professionals at Concraft today at 248-265-3438.

Concraft Mold Remediation in Utica, MI

Our Concraft mold remediation process for Utica customers includes:

  • Mold testing: Mold thrives in wet and moist environments such as basements, crawl spaces, and areas of persistent water leaks. They decompose organic items and produce thousands of microscopic spores, which spread throughout the home in a short amount of time and create a variety of health hazards. Concraft uses advanced technology to test for spores, improve cleanliness and maintain indoor air quality in the home or workplace. We provide protection for residential and commercial industries, such as healthcare facilities, homes, retail businesses, schools, churches and many more.
  • Mold structural damage repair: Storms, plumbing leaks, or fire suppression can all cause significant water damage. Water can find its way into your home through walls, furniture, carpets, and more. Despite appearing dry, concealed moisture breeds mold growth and structural damage. This hazard poses serious health risks to you and your family if not properly ascertained and eliminated. Concraft is experienced working with mold structural damage repair and water damage cleanup and extraction. We work to prevent mold before it begins growing.

Trust Concraft for Superior Mold Remediation in Utica, MI

For superior, affordable mold remediation, Concraft is the service provider you can trust. For mold detection, remediation, removal and repair in Utica, contact us online or give us a call at 248-265-3438.

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Utica , MI

Luay Shino was very good to us. Always took care of things that we would bring to his attention.

Utica , MI

Luay Shino was so helpful during such a difficult situation. It was so nice to be able to rely on him to be able to answer so many of our ...

Utica , MI

Luay was special, he did everything he was supposed to, great job. My place was completed as it was before, many thanks.

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