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Ready Action PlanTM

Ready Action PlanTM is a web-based disaster planning app that allows easy access to documents, plans and critical building information from any internet device in the world.  Rest safe knowing you have access to all the essential property information in one easy to access, secure program.

Why have a RAP

When disaster strikes, having the right information can make all the difference.  Rest assured that you can make informed decisions faster when essential property information is on one secure mobile program.

  • Protect your property before, during and after a crisis.
  • Disaster contingency and planning materials help you react faster
  • Store and organize critical building system information in photos or videos
  • Document pre-existing conditions before a damage event
  • Conduct routine building maintenance, management and scheduling
  • Encrypted cloud storage keeps your information safe
Why have a RAP

Get Your Property Ready in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Uploading Your Floor Plans
    • This will form the foundation of your site.  Upload your blueprints or floor plans into the system, then import critical data documentation and contact information related to your property.
  2. Site Analysis
    • In this step, you will survey your property, locate and identify your critical business systems. In real-time, you will document and tag this data into your digitized floor plans.
  3. Documentation of Pre-Loss Conditions
    • A key step many forget it to document the property thoroughly, so you have accurate and complete records of the condition of your property in its pre-loss condition.
  4. Training
    • Your RAP support team will walk you through the Ready Action PlanTM training module, step by step, until you feel comfortable with the intuitive, easy-to-use system. 
  5. System Use & Support
    • Now you are ready to start taking advantage of all that the RAP system has to offer including tracking building maintenance as well as documenting damage and repairs. 
Get Your Property Ready in 5 Simple Steps

Be Prepared for a Disaster 

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