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Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration throughout Franklin

Among the worst forms of disasters, water damage may do the most permanent harm to your home. And, your mental health will suffer when your property is damaged. On the other hand, mold growth is another potential outcome of sustained water damage. Fire damage, additionally, is the single most fatal kind of calamity that may strike a home. The sooner you can assess the situation and take remedial actions, the less damage will be done to your property. In this case, Concraft has come to the rescue. We're proud to be among the industry's top restoration companies, and our clients have been happy with our services for years.

If you are a resident of Franklin, contact us to have your properties restored to their original state. The IICRC-certified technicians of Concraft are available 24/7 to provide you with emergency restoration services. So, feel free to call us at 248-265-3438 to get our services.

Identifying Water Leaks in Your Home: The Hidden Signs

Water damaged room inside view

Water damage is not always evident. Your property might have water leaks all around and you haven't even noticed it. The followings are some warning signs you should be aware of:

  • Water puddle: If you've seen a pool of water on your rooftop or yards, there's a clear indication of water damage. But the problem lies where the water has been originating. 
  • Uneven spot marks: Discoloration of the walls or ceiling is another warning sign. Most likely, it's not only the paint that's fading or changing color. It might be a serious water damage concern.
  • Water pressure problems: Lower water pressure might indicate a water line issue. Water pressure may reduce if used consecutively, but it may also signify water damage.
  • Higher bills: If your water bill is rising without a significant plumbing problem, there may be hidden water damage.

Shield Your Property with Concraft's Restoration Solutions

Since 1986, Concraft has been restoring buildings and rebuilding lives in Franklin, MI. We have a qualified crew who are accredited with IICRC, RIA, and HAAG certifications. Our services also include storm & flood damage, content cleaning & restoration, commercial cleaning, coronavirus cleanup, and more!

Reach out to us at any time by dialing 248-265-3438 or connecting with us online for immediate response.

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