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Slow Leaks-How to Tell and What to Do?

The life of a homeowner isn't easy. You have to deal with a lot of trouble such as slow leaks. They can dampen your walls slowly causing watermarks and stains on walls apparent overnight. Small thrust wall holes allow for the development of potentially dangerous leaks inside wall cavities. If ignored, slow leaks have the potential to grow into more serious issues. They can promote the growth of germs and mold, which poses health risks. Over time, structural problems can lead to collapse. So if you know the signs of slow leaks you can take the necessary steps to prevent further damage.


The Signs of Slow Leaks

When a slow leak happens in your house you will notice several signs which include-

Water bill: If you notice a sharp increase in your water bills look for a leak in your household. If it is left unchecked, your home will consume more water to maintain its systems, which can result in wastage and expensive costs.

Damp and musty odor: The first sign of water damage is a damp and musty odor. Look for a slow leak if a damp and musty odor comes to your nose.

Wall damage: You will see a noticeable change if water is sipping through your walls such as color change, warping, or bubbling paint. This indicates that there is a leaky pipe in the wall.

Appliance malfunction: Unusual incidents will occur to the appliance like abnormal pressure in the shower and inconsistent sink drip. It will signify that there is a slow water leak. 


What You Can Do?

When you spot slow leaks in the water pipe you should call for experts. Concraft can help you in this regard. Concraft offers skilled specialists across the greater Detroit area. Our IICRC-certified experts can complete every restoration task linked to water damage. As a bonded and certified restoration company, we provide assistance in insurance claims. Our trustworthy service earned a great number of positive reviews from our customers. So if you have slow leaks the water damage you can easily depend on Concraft.

Prevent Water Damage in Your Structure

Slow leaks damage your structure slowly but they shouldn't be neglected. You can ask experts from Concraft by dialing 248-265-3438 or you can contact us online here. Our experts will reach at you shortly.