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Water Damage & Mold Remediation in Flint

Water damage is an unfortunate incident, and mold infestation is highly likely to occur when there is water damage. Every homeowner's worst nightmare is water damage. It can happen due to many reasons. It can be devastating when water damage occurs, whether a leak in the pipe, toilet overflow, appliance leak, or flood. In such circumstances, you need to call a good restoration company as soon as possible to restore the mess and save your property.

If you are a Flint resident and need water damage restoration and mold remediation, then worry no more just contact the experts of Concraft. They will come to your place and solve your problem without any hassle. Contact us online or call us at 248-265-3438 to learn more about our services!

Signs of Mold in Flint Residences

Look out for the following signs:

  • if you spot any rotten odor in any part of your house
  • spotted clothing means mold spores are flying in the air
  • contaminated carpets
  • random allergy or asthma attacks to the persons who are prone
  • fungal growth on furniture is also another sign of mold
  • warped walls
  • a persistent cold, or a cough

Concraft has been efficiently serving the clients of Michigan for a long time. The following are a few reasons to choose us:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Advanced cleaning & drying equipment
  • Experienced in water damage
  • ANSI Standards maintained
  • IICRC-certified technicians
  • Rated A-Star by BBB
  • In business since 1986

Call Concraft for Water Damage & Mold Remediation in Flint

When it comes to as serious an issue as water damage and mold, you need an expert company to help you get through the ordeal in a proper manner. Who else is better than Concraft for such a situation? We have experts who can easily take care of water damage and mold issue. We have industry-leading tools and equipment, so you do not have to worry about a thing.

Contact us today, simply by calling us at 248-265-3438.

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Flint, MI

Luay was GREAT...Everything is Beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better company! I will recommend your company to everybody

Flint, MI

Nick was Awesome, very professional, empathetic, very patient, and very knowledgeable. Bob was wonderful, pleasant, and hard working and very accommodating to our way of doing things.

Flint , MI

Everyone was very thorough and did a great job!

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