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Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Detroit, MI

The plumbing system inside your home or commercial property is a network of pipes that directs the flow of water. If there’s a blockage at any point in the pipes, the water that’s supposed to be flushed out will have nowhere to go. Pressurized water will naturally find the weakest point and the result is plumbing overflow which will most likely cause indoor flooding.

There are 3 different categories of indoor flood water. Category I is the kind of water that doesn’t pose a threat to human health. It’s called "clean water" and examples include water from burst pipe and sink overflows. Category II, called "grey water," contains contaminants that can cause illnesses and discomfort in humans. Category III, aka "black water," is the most unsanitary of the three and can cause severe discomfort and illnesses because it contains significant amounts of harmful microorganisms.

It’s never recommended to DIY clean-up of plumbing overflows. Fortunately, however, Concraft has been providing plumbing overflow cleanup services and water damage restoration since 1986. You can be sure that our restoration technicians are highly experienced and are well equipped to handle even Type III water overflows.

Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Greater Detroit, Michigan

Plumbing Overflow Cleanup Service by Concraft in Detroit, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, & SE Michigan

At Concraft, we take our job very seriously. We are certified by RIA and IICRC - two of the most well-respected standards organizations in the cleaning and restoration industry. In addition to plumbing overflow cleanup, we also offer the following services in Southeast Michigan:

  • Water Damage Restoration - Stagnant water, especially if coming from plumbing overflow, can cause health problems and also encourage the growth of mold. For severe indoor flooding, a bucket and a mop simply won’t be enough to do the job. Concraft has the right equipment to complete water damage restoration quickly and effectively.
  • Storm Damage Restoration - After a storm, some homes will be left exposed to the outside elements, wild animals, and other problems. Concraft offers board-up and tarp-up services to provide homeowners with some level of protection until reconstruction work can be done.
  • Burst Pipe Repair - Burst pipes can cause a great amount of water damage. Concraft can help you with burst pipe repair, as well as with winterization of your pipes to prevent burst pipes since most burst pipe incidents happen during the winter because of the expanding frozen water.
Water Damage Restoration in Southeast Michigan by Concraft

Trust Concraft for Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Detriot & Auburn Hills, MI

Let the professionals at Concraft take care of your plumbing overflow and water damage restoration for your home in the Greater Metro Detroit area. For more information about Concraft’s restoration services, please call 248-265-3438 or visit our contact us page and feel free to send us any questions you may have.

Rely on Concraft for Plumbing Overflow Cleanup in Detriot & Southeast Michigan