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AC Unit Drain Overflow Repair & Services in Detroit, MI

When condensation builds up in our air conditioning system over time, it might not drain properly. The condensation drain pipe or outflow can become clogged with sediment, limescale from hard water or other foreign matter. If condensed water can't flow out, it eventually causes an AC unit drain overflow.

If you reside in Allenton, Beverly Hills, Clarkson, Eastpointe or anywhere throughout our Detroit service area, call Concraft at 248-265-3438 for AC unit drain overflow service. We provide on-site inspections and emergency services for your convenience.

Concraft Sees These Detroit AC Unit Drain Overflow Causes

If you see standing water or wet floors, carpeting or ceilings from an AC unit drain overflow, causes might include:

  • Blocked drain line: The most common cause of an AC unit drain overflow. Condensed water cannot pass.
  • Separate drain line: The drain line is not incorrectly connected or is somehow disconnected.
  • Condensate pump problem: A malfunctioning condensate pump can cause excessive leaking.
  • Dirty evaporator: A dirty evaporator coil backs up excess water and hinders condensation outflow.
  • Low refrigerant or freon: An AC low on freon can cause an evaporator coil to freeze up. When the coil melts, excess water can overflow.
  • Mold, other: Mold or other such buildup can block a drain pipe and cause overflow. 
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Trust Concraft For AC Unit Drain Overflow Repair in Detroit

Concraft technicians are IICRC and RIA certified for restoration and remediation. They are water loss specialists, certified mold professionals, applied microbial remediation technicians and work in other speciality areas.

Besides AC unit drain overflow repair, Concraft provides basement water removalburst or frozen pipe repairsmoke & suit restoration, duct system smoke removal, smoke odor removal and many more services. Click here to contact us online or call 248-265-3438 to for an appointment or to learn more about Concraft services.