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Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services across Fraser, MI

Water and fire damage is something you see every now and then. Your home and its contents are not immune to damage from major disasters. However, if you have an effective restoration process, you may be able to survive this disaster. Since the loss of property may create a lot of anxiety, it's often a major pain to restore it to its previous state. Whatever difficulties you're experiencing, Concraft can take them on and keep you calm.

When disaster strikes, the folks of Fraser, MI can count on us to be there to provide them with the highest quality disaster cleaning and restoration service available. Just give us a call at 248-265-3438 and we'll get back to you right away. If you want to communicate online, click the link here.

How Important Is It to Have Experts Fix Your Water Damage?

Water damage drying water

Having a helpful hand at your side might be a tremendous boost when you're trying to figure out how to fix the restoration needs on your home. Since the aftermath of water damage may be quite unpleasant to clean up, experts have the knowledge and tools to make the necessary repairs.

There are several obvious symptoms that water damage has occurred on your property. Leaks shouldn't be hard to see, since most of these symptoms are easily recognizable. Such as:

  • Dark spots on different portions of the building
  • Discoloration of the ceiling and walls
  • Bulging, cracking, or flaking drywalls
  • Water pools on the rooftop or other places in the house
  • Unpleasant smell all over the place
  • Water bills increasing suddenly

If any of the above-mentioned signs get noticed, it's time to call a professional damage restoration company like Concraft to get the restoration work done.

Call Concraft to Get The Best Restoration Services in Fraser

Concraft is one of the well-established restoration companies in Fraser that offers restoration services to secure home and commercial properties from disasters since 1986. Besides fire damage, mold remediation, and storm & flood damage, our services also include content restoration, coronavirus cleaning, commercial cleaning, and others.

Just call us at 248-265-3438 in case of any restoration assistance from us ASAP!

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Concraft has & always will be our number pick for remediation. Great customer service & exceptional work!

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November 11, 2023 | Fraser, MI

Responding promptly, Concraft was on the scene within an impressive 50 minutes, swiftly initiating emergency services. Presently, we are actively engaged in representing the condo association, collaborating seamlessly with the insurance company to orchestrate the necessary repairs. Our commitment to efficient, comprehensive solutions underscores why the client chose Concraft in their time of need.

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