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Damage Restoration Inspection Service in Detroit, MI

Concraft is there in times of need to inspect damage after a disaster or accident, and begin the restoration process in Detroit, MI. You're never prepared for an event that causes major damage. A professional, experienced restoration company like Concraft can assess your situation calmly with a thorough damage restoration inspection.

Concraft will walk you through every aspect of the restoration and recovery process, from early cleanup to filing insurance claims. Let Concraft take the wheel with its damage restoration inspection service.

If you reside in Arbor, Birmingham, Clarkston, Farmington or anywhere throughout our Detroit service area call 248-265-3438. Concraft provides damage restoration inspection for water, storm, wind and fire damage, mold and more. Our thorough examination will outline the extent of damage and create a restoration plan.

Damage Inspection Service in Detroit, MI

Concraft Damage Inspections Benefit Detroit Homeowners

Reasons a damage restoration inspection by Concraft in Detroit is a good idea:

  • Inspection is an essential step in damage restoration. The right evaluation ensures a smooth restoration process.
  • Assessment of the area gives a clear perspective to both the company and the client.
  • Inspection helps create a proper estimate for the restoration work.
  • Inspection helps make a proper plan for the restoration process.
  • A company like Concraft knows what equipment it will need for the job.
  • Inspection aids the customer in insurance claims with photos, video or other documentation.

Trust Concraft For Damage Restoration Inspections in Detroit

Concraft technicians are IICRC and RIA certified for restoration and remediation. They are water loss specialists, certified mold professionals, applied microbial remediation technicians and work in other speciality areas.

Besides damage restoration inspection services, Concraft provides basement water removal, burst or frozen pipe repair, smoke & suit restoration, duct system smoke removal, smoke odor removal and many more services. Click here to contact us online or call 248-265-3438 to for an appointment or to learn more about Concraft services.