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Damage Restoration Process in Union Lake, MI

To restore your home or workplace after a disaster such as a flood, a fire, or mold, the restoration specialists at Concraft have what Union Lake residents need. For more than three decades, Concraft has been the go-to source for restoration services in the Detroit Metro area and surrounding communities. Our professionals are all  IICRC or RIA certified in all aspects of restoration and cleanup. For our effective, professional service at affordable rates, call us at 248-265-3438 or click here.

Concraft Restoration Process in Union Lake, MI

At Concraft, our restoration process for Union Lake customers includes:

  • Fire damage classification: For insurance claim and repair reasons after a fire catastrophe or accident, it's essential to correctly categorize your primary (a direct consequence of flames) or secondary fire damage. Fire damage classification is the first stage in filing claims, making repairs, etc. As the restoration process proceeds ahead, certified Concraft restoration professionals will classify your fire damage in order to ensure that all necessary precautions are performed.
  • Classify & categorize water damage: Before water damage repair can begin, the extent and severity of water damage must be determined. We have IICRC-certified restoration experts that will inspect, evaluate and classify your water damage, present an estimated price, and begin the process of repair. Your water damage categorization, or hygienic quality of surface water or moisture, will help us choose which water extraction and restoration methods are most suited for you.

It is possible for mold contamination to arise later and pose a health risk if water damage has not been properly classified. For any kind of water or fire damage in Union Lake, we have solutions at Concraft, through our restoration process.

Trust Concraft For Superior Restoration Process in Union Lake, MI

At Concraft, our highly skilled and trained crews are certified water loss specialists, mold professionals, applied microbial remediation technicians, commercial drying specialists, and journeyman water restorers. They have received professional qualifications in carpet cleaning, fire and smoke damage restoration, carpet repair and reinstallation, and water damage restoration. For our effective, efficient restoration process in Union Lake, call us at 248-265-3438 or  contact us online now to learn more about our services.

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