Restoration Process

Learn about the Restoration Process with Concraft - step2

The Concraft Way: We Hold Your Hand Through the Whole Process

"Concraft believes in communicating with customers. Through every stage of the property rescue and restoration process, we tell you what to expect, when to expect it, and we update you on the progress of your job. Although each property disaster differs, here’s a sample of how we work for you."

Step 1: Customer calls Concraft for emergency service on property damage.

Administrative staff interviews customer about property loss. Verifies insurance coverage and deductible with insurance carrier. Contacts service manager with related issues. Mobilizes crew. (Guaranteed one-hour response time in emergencies).

Step 2: Concraft arrives on site; consults with customer.

Completes paperwork with customer. Assesses loss using meters and instruments. identifies damaged materials in order to safely secure structure.

Step 3: Concraft communicates findings of damage with customer.

Inspects damage with customer. Updates insurance company on status of loss and job.

Step 4: Concraft emergency service begins.

Secures contents; performs property rescue, e.g. water extraction, drying, door and window board-up, etc. Describes services and discusses order of events with customer; reviews timeline for job phases. Daily inspection; staff technicians monitor progress and manipulate equipment. Concraft regularly updates customer on progress.

Step 5: Concraft inspects completed emergency service with customer.

Concraft schedules its restoration estimator to visit site. Updates insurance company.

Step 6: Concraft estimator visits site; collects data to prepare estimate and scope of restoration work.

Submits estimate and scope of work to insurance company for approval. Updates customer weekly on status of insurance approval.

Step 7: Concraft receives insurance company’s approval to begin work.

Concraft reviews final scope with customer. Customer executes necessary work authorization, contract and submits deductible.

Step 8: Concraft prepares lists of materials customer needs to select.

Customer visits Concraft showroom to select materials, e.g. floor covering, cabinetry, countertops, etc. Customer signs to approve selected materials.

Step 9: Concraft begins restoration work.

Communicates estimated timeline to customer. Updates insurance company on job progress.

Step 10: Job completed.

Property owner signs release to confirm satisfaction. Concraft forwards copies of signed release to insurance company. Concraft one-year limited warranty begins. Property restored. Life rebuilt.

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