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Tips For Appliance Leaks & Water Damage Prevention in Detroit, MI

Modern life is totally dependent on appliances. From our AC, refrigerator, and heater to the coffee maker, we can’t go a day without them. When our appliances or anything holding water starts leaking, things can get ugly. Leaking appliances should never be ignored, just wiped up and left to leak more. If you live in Allenton, Bloomfield, Chesterfield, Dearborn or anywhere in our Detroit service area, let Concraft know about your leaky appliances as soon as possible. Our services could alleviate much stress.

Stuffing towels and rags over appliance leaks are just ignoring the problem. They could lead to more significant issues or damage. Appliance leak floods might seem unlikely at first, but they happen when your back is turned. Then you have water damage to multiple surfaces, potential for mold growth and serious restoration needs, insurance claims, and more.

Don't suffer in silence with an appliance leak. Call Concraft at 248-265-3438 for appliance leak repair or appliance service and replacement. We provide on-site inspection and estimates, as well as emergency service.

Concraft Tips for Appliance Leaks & Water Damage Prevention

Got appliance leaks? Don't let them get out of control. Ways you can stop or minimize damage:

  • Make sure your appliance is properly sealed.
  • Always follow manual instructions that accompany appliances.
  • Don't use non-recommended soaps or detergents with washers, etc.
  • Make sure water supply tubes or hoses are free of cracks, tears.
  • Any appliance past its age limit or lifespan is leak-prone and likely needs replacing or major repairing.
  • Sediment buildup can occur appliances and create corrosion or leaks, especially water heaters.
  • Avoid D-I-Y and always call professionals for appliance repair or maintenance.
Appliance Leak Prevention Tips in Detroit, MI

Always Count on Concraft For Appliance Leak Services in Detroit

Concraft has your appliance leak solutions. Trust us for:

  • Superior service
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Certified technicians by IICRC and RIA
  • Thorough inspections
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Water damage specialists
  • Certified mold professionals
  • Applied microbial remediation technicians
  • Commercial drying specialists
  • Journeyman water restorers, and many more.

Besides water damage restoration, Concraft also provides disinfecting servicesmold remediationstorm & flood damagecontent cleaning and restoration and many more. Contact us online or call 248-265-3438 for a service appointment to fix those appliance leaks or water damage.