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Finding Hidden Leaks and Solutions in Michigan

Small or big, there's no way to ignore the hidden leaks in the water management system. This little defect can prompt severe water damage and there are many examples of that. Undoubtedly early and timely detection can help you preserve the integrity of your property.

While this issue isn't visible at the beginning, knowing about it can help you avoid several adverse situations. In this article, you will get the basic ideas about hidden leaks and other associated matters.

How Bad Can Be Hidden Leaks

Water leaks in any part of the water management system let extra moisture grow in the defective point. As the moisture tends to spread with time, excess water droplets reach different structural parts like ceilings, walls, floors, and even home appliances. Leaving the condition untreated will magnify the defecting process. In the end, the property owner will experience consequences like pest infestation, property damage, multiple health issues, a rise in expenses for repair, and increased utility bills.

Reasons Why Hidden Water Leaks Occur?

Whether hidden or visible, there are certain causes due to what water leaks take place. Old pipes are always vulnerable and can burst or leak at any time. Corrosion is another reason for that which forms clogs and cracks in the pipes. High water pressure, extreme temperature, etc. are also some other major reasons. Apart from that bad workmanship during installation and using faulty tools and parts also trigger water leaks.

Signs of Hidden Leaks

  • The water meter still runs even after the water supply is turned off
  • Wet and moist walls, ceiling, and other parts where the nearby pipes or faucets have leaks
  • Molds are visible on the wall
  • Musty, damp smell
  • Rise in the water bill
  • A strange sound is another sign that there's a hidden water leak

Find Hidden Leaks in Your Home by Concraft Professionals

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