24/7 Emergency Services

Concraft Cleaning Equipment in Detroit, MI

While COVID-19 is a virus, it is also a disaster spreading across cities and we are doing our best to safeguard Southeast Michigan from its effects. Concraft understands the severity of the coronavirus and thus trains a special team dedicated to disinfecting and sanitizing homes, offices, schools, commercial buildings, and more. 

Cleaning Equipment in Detroit, MI

EPA-Certified Disinfecting Equipment in Detroit & Pontiac

When dealing with coronavirus decontamination, we are aware that people’s lives are at risk. This is why Concraft uses the most advanced and highly approved disinfectants to address viruses and bacterial contamination in your home or office space. We follow the procedures recommended by the CDC and other health authorities to ensure the proper application of disinfectants.

  • Wet Down/Wipe Down Procedures
  • Latest Disinfecting Equipment
  • EPA-Approved Fogging
  • CDC Health Standards Maintained
EPA-Certified Disinfecting Equipment

Proactive Team Dressed in Hazmat Suit

Concraft’s concern for health and pathogens are very high, thus our crew arrives in hazmat suits to ensure your safety as well as ours. Our highly-trained specialists use advanced disinfecting sprays and safety precautions to sanitize your household and protect you against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Proactive Team Dressed in Hazmat Suit

Concraft’s State-Of-The-Art Cleaning Equipment at Your Service

“Preventative” cleaning is not a valid concept but vigilant wash down of touch-prone surfaces is recommended by the CDC and other health authorities. EPA-Certified disinfectants are used widely by our team to achieve a clean and sanitized living environment for you.

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