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Job completed for Drunken Driver Crashes Car

Customer type: Residential

Location: Orion Township, MI

Why did the customer contact us?

A suspected drunken driver crashed into the front of a home in Orion Township on Thursday night and then ran away from the scene. The suspect, a 36-year-old Orion Township man, was taken into custody after the collision. Caution tape and plywood cover the house on Joslyn Road. Inside, the kitchen is unrecognizable, filled with piles of rubble. "I haven't been able to locate where the kitchen sink is anymore," said James Byers.
James and Christine Byers were sleeping in their home when the car collided with the house. "We heard the loud crash and jumped out of bed," James Byers said. "My daughter screams, 'A car just ran into the house.'" A suspected drunken driver had crashed his Jeep into their home and ran away. "It's a miracle how he even was able to get out of his car," Christine Byers said. Police caught the man, who was only wearing boxer shorts.The Byers' daughter was in the kitchen about 30 minutes before the crash happened. "It would have been a totally different thing we'd be dealing with this morning if she had been sitting at that table," Christine Byers said. "So, we'll take this."
The Byers family is used to these kinds of scenarios, given the location of their house. "At least once a year we get a car that comes through," James Byers said. "Usually, they just kind of come into the yard." This time was obviously different and the Byers are trying to find a solution to make sure it doesn't happen again. "Now that they've actually hit the house, we're going to try to lobby our township to put in a guardrail," James Byers said. The family is now very busy working with its insurance company.
"We got a room. (We) didn't get much sleep and now it's trying to get repairs started," James Byers said. The family members are frustrated, but they said life goes on and they're thankful they're alive and unharmed.

Solutions provided:

After a drunk driver struck a home in Orion Township, Concraft handled the cleanup and restoration efforts at the home. The kitchen had to be completely rebuilt. Our crews saw nothing but rubble on arrival and cleaned up the situation. Then, we rebuilt the damaged kitchen.

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Drunken Driver Crashed News

Drunken Driver Crashed News