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Reviewed By: Robert
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Comment Let me start off by saying I am not one who is prone to writing letters to people, let alone to a company to tell them what a great job they’ve done. Just let me say…Wow, I am impressed! I was quite apprehensive about having our home turned up-side down for work to be completed on an insurance claim. I didn’t want to deal with the hassles of moving things around, cleaning up messes left over by the crews or having to host inconsiderate workers. But this was not the case. The worker you assigned to complete the repairs on our home, Sal, was exceptional! He was prompt, courteous, and very professional. The second day on the job, Sal was finished, in record time, while both my wife and I were away from the house for the afternoon. I was a little concerned when I realized I would not be present to do a “final” inspection. However, when I returned I couldn’t believe my eyes. My home was in PERFECT condition. Not a single thing was out of place. Sal put our entire living room back together leaving it as it was before he came. Sal had even cleaned the dust from our furniture that had been generated by the sanding of drywall compound! And this doesn’t even begin to speak of the quality work he performed. Our living room has never looked this good. Sal even did a few little extras, like filling some “nail pops”; to make sure his job was perfect. You must pay Sal a million bucks, and if not… you should! In all the work that has been done on our house by contractors claiming to be professionals, we have never received service such as this.

In this day and age, every company seems to be an “us too” riding the customer service bandwagon, but few really deliver. Well Concraft delivered and I would like to say “Thank You” for the great job.

I truly look forward to the next time I call Concraft, and in the mean time…I’ll let my friends and relatives know about the wonderful experience I’ve had."
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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