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Commercial Emergency Response Plan in Auburn Hills & Detroit, MI

In the event of a disaster like a fire outbreak or an earthquake, people panic and go about in every direction while the heated situation takes advantage of this and may leave you with several cases of injury. What will you do when a disaster strikes while you are in the middle of work? Do you have a plan to evacuate the people successfully and minimize injury? 

Concraft has studied procedures that can benefit your company by ensuring the safety of you and your staff. We are the leading disaster restoration company in Southeast Michigan and dealing with disasters is our specialty. We bring you a customized emergency response plan (ERP) crucial to save everyone in the facility and to conserve property. This may involve evacuation, finding shelter, going on lockdown, and calling for help, among many others. 

Customized ERP for Your Company’s Unique Structure in Southeast Michigan

Every company or workspace structure is different which is why Concraft provides customized emergency response plans for each. We make sure your company has an effective plan that takes every aspect of your building infrastructure into consideration like tight corners, emergency exits, fire alarm locations, workspace, and more. We will walk you through every possible disaster scenario and guide you on how to keep your staff safe and minimize damage to your property. Our ERP consists of step as the following: 

  • Establishing a planning team
  • Analyzing capabilities and hazards
  • Developing an emergency response plan
  • Implementing the plan

After the planning and implementation, we’ll help you involve your staff in a scheduled regular drill to train them about the right actions to take in emergency situations.

Insurance Policy & Claim Assistance

We will give you information regarding the pricing established by insurance industry-approved standards so that you are aware and upto date. We also offer insurance claim assistance to handle all your paperwork and procedures, making sure you are rewarded correctly. We work directly with all insurance companies in Southeast Michigan. Concraft has got you covered from all sides!

Disaster Restoration for Commercial Properties from Concraft

Once you have evacuated all your staff to safety, your property still needs to be restored. Concraft also offers fire, water, and storm & flood damage restoration for your commercial property in Michigan. Concraft offers affordable and 100% effective restoration service for all sorts of commercial properties. We are serving 24/7 across Auburn Hills, Detroit, Novi, Saint Clair, and more in Southeast Michigan. Contact Concraft for an effective Emergency Response Plan to ensure that your property is prepared for any disaster. Give us a call at 248-265-3438 for a customized ERP for your company's benefit.