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Clogged Drain Overflow Repair & Cleanup in Detroit, MI

When drain pipes get clogged, they overflow the pipelines and damage the surrounding structures and areas. An unidentified clogged pipe can be leaking water for a long period and cause extensive structural damage. Additionally, this kind of water damage encourages mold growth which could harm the health of your family members.

Professional Clogged Drain Solution in Ann Arbor & Troy

Concraft is the leading water damage restoration company in Southeast Michigan and we have been serving excellent restoration services since 1986. We are the clogged drain specialists, with adequate skills and expertise, we offer drainage unclogging and structural damage repair. Our restoration team is trained under expert supervision and certified by IICRC. We serve 24/7 in Ann Arbor, Canton, Sterling Heights, Novi, and more cities across Southeast Michigan. We also offer insurance claim assistance to help you with the tiring paperwork involved with ease.

Mold damages caused by drainage overflow are dangerous and can even cause respiratory problems in some family members. Fortunately, we offer comprehensive water extraction to eliminate all chances of mold growth. Even if you have a mold problem, we have the right tools and ability to perform complete mold remediation.

Contact Concraft 24/7 at 248-265-3438 for water damage restoration caused by clogged drains.

Clogged Drain Solution

Why Choose Concraft for Clogged Drain Repair

  • Certified Restoration Team
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment
  • IICRC Approved
  • Drainage Unclogging
  • Structural Damage Repair
  • Water Extraction
  • Mold Remediation
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
Clogged Drain Repair

Concraft’s Water Damage Restoration Services

Concraft is a certified restoration company that specializes not only in water damage but other forces of nature too. We proudly offer:

Water Damage Restoration Service

Choose Concraft to Recover from Clogged Drain Damages

Are you experiencing a clogged drain in your property? Call us right away to get it fixed and inspect for damages it might have caused. We will provide complete water damage restoration and have your home or office back to its pre-loss condition. Call us now at 248-265-3438