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Attic Water Damage Restoration in Detroit & Ann Arbor, MI

The attic is an area of the house that is not often visited, so water damages are less likely to be discovered by the owners. But, water damages continue to effect while the owners are unaware. An attic can be damaged by water in various ways like condensation, ice dams, roof leaks, and more. While the attic is affected with water damage, it can get infested with mold and the damage can spread to the ceiling and onto the entire house.

Concraft provides professional attic water damage restoration in Detroit, Canton, Troy, Livonia, and many more cities across Southeast Michigan. We will help you recover from water damaged attics, that might be infested with mold or any other structural damage repair. Contact Concraft for your water damage restoration, call us now at 248-265-3438

Attic Water Damage Restoration

Causes of Attic Water Damage

Ice Dams

During winter, when ice accumulates on the roof it melts down when the temperature in the attic rises above the freezing temperature. When the temperature drops below the freezing temperature, the water melts on the roof and re-freezes. As this melting and freezing cycle goes on for several days, more and more water gathers up on the roof, which later enters the attic through leaks in the roof shingles causing attic and ceiling damage.

Roof Leaks

Leaks in the roof can be very costly to the attic as water enters through them. Roof leaks are generally caused by storm damage as heavy wind damage displaces shingles from their position or when trees fall and debris fall on the roof. The leak should be repaired as soon as possible to ensure minimum damage to the attic.

Attic Mold Damage

Mold causes the most severe case of structural damage to the wood in the attic and surrounding surfaces. Usually, caused by the leaks in the roof, mold can spread extremely fast from one surface to another and can spread throughout the entire house as well. Mold damages are costly to repair and impact the health of your family members.


When warm air rises up to the cold attic, condensation takes place and the moisture seeps in the wood and the surrounding structures. The moisture encourages mold growth, wood rot, and structural damage. Condensation damages do not happen overnight, it gradually damages the attic over time until discovered later.

Attic Water Damage Prevention in Livonia & Canton

Concraft is your local expert in water damage restoration. We have been serving the residents of Southeast Michigan since 1986 with excellent restoration service. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and ANSI & IICRC certified and trained team to help you recover from severe water damage.

Attic Water Damage Prevention in Livonia & Canton

Water Damaged Structural Areas

Concraft focuses closely on the structures of your home to find damages and works carefully to repair them. We cover these areas that might be affected by water damage:

Water Damaged Structural Area

Contact Concraft for Reliable Attic Water Damage Restoration in Southeast Michigan

If you notice water damage in your attic, whether it is wood rot or a mold infestation, call Concraft right away at 248-265-3438 for complete recovery from the damages. Our officials will also help you with insurance claim procedures. Let us help you secure your attic from water damages.