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24/7 Emergency Services

Restoration Services of Hospitals in Auburn Hills & Detroit, MI

Hospitals are some of the most busiest facilities ever. Every day a lot of patients are admitted, some are discharged, while some come for daily checkups. Hospital personnel, nurses, and doctors are also located in the same building, making hospitals one of the most crowded places of all. Aside from the people, hospitals consist of many advanced and delicate equipment used for treating patients. Equipment like MRI machines, X-ray machines, microscopes, and more are found within the building. In the event of a disaster, like a fire outbreak or earthquake, people will go havoc in order to save themselves but will only cause more panic. 

All the valuable equipment may be damaged along with several cases of injuries and severe property damage. Unless you have Concraft to design you a custom Emergency Response Plan (ERP) that focuses on evacuating, finding shelter, and calling for help to ensure the safety of all personnel when a disaster strikes and minimize property damage.

Professional Disaster Restoration Services

Struck by a Disaster? Concraft Can Help You Continue to Serve the Community

Fire outbreaks, storms, floods, earthquakes, and natural disasters of such may cause catastrophic damage to your hospital property and hinder the service it gives out to the patients. Hospitals serve the community, but we serve hospitals to recover from disastrous events so they can continue to provide the necessary treatment. Concraft offers professional fire, water, storm & flood damage restoration for commercial properties in the Southeast Michigan region.

Concraft is the leading disaster restoration company in Southeast Michigan and we provide the most reliable restoration services for commercial properties situated in Saint Clair, Livonia, Auburn Hills, Canton, and more nearby cities. 

We have advanced equipment to provide you with efficient restoration and complete recovery from disasters. Contact Concraft at 248-265-3438 or contact us online, we are available 24/7 and respond swiftly to your distress.