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Restoration Service for Schools in Auburn Hills & Detroit, MI

Schools need to be clean, healthy, comfy, and bright to allow the best learning environment for students to grow. However, achieving this can be quite tough if your school is recently hit by a disastrous event. Unpredictable occurrences like floods, fires, and storms may leave catastrophic consequences that might force you to shut your school down. However, at Concraft, we can help you start over again by restoring your school back to its original state. 

Concraft is the leading disaster restoration company serving Southeast Michigan since 1986. If your school is damaged by fire, or heavily impacted by storm & flood, or any other natural disaster, then Concraft can help you recover from those damage at an exceptional rate. Our IICRC-certified restoration team will bring your educational institute back to its pre-damage condition in a speedy and efficient manner.

Ensuring the Safety of the Students With ERP 

You need to make sure your school is equipped with fire alarms and detectors to warn everyone in the event of an emergency. But without the proper guidance and knowledge, even detectors come to no great use. Concraft offers customized Emergency Response Plan (ERP) in order to protect the students, staff, and everyone and minimize damage to the property. Every school is unique in structure, so we intend plans that fit with the structural design of your school. Check out our ERP Services to learn more. 

Dedicated Restoration Services

Insurance Claim Assistance

Concraft helps you with your insurance claim so that you can focus primarily on your school. We work directly with your insurance company to submit all the paperwork including damage assessment. Our insurance professionals will guide you through the process and ensure the proper reward for your claim so that you can be financially stable.

Re-Open Your Disaster Struck School with Concraft’s Help

Did you close your school after being hit by a disaster? Concraft can help you completely restore it and re-open your school to serve another successful academic year. Education is an essential part of life, and we will not let institutes fail to provide the knowledge today’s children require. 

Concraft offers affordable and 100% effective restoration service for all sorts of commercial properties. Our dedicated services are available 24/7 whenever you need us. We serve inside Auburn Hills, Macomb, Pontiac, Roseville, and many more cities across Southeast Michigan. Give us a call today at 248-265-3438 for reliable restoration.