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Lightning & Thunderstorm Damage in Livonia & Detroit, MI

When thunderstorms strike they tag along heavy rain and strong winds which may cause flooding, shingle damage, window damage, siding damage, and more. Moreover, lightning storms bring in the risk of fire damage and structural damage. Even if your lightning rods are working, there are still some chances of damage to electrical wiring, appliances, satellite dishes, cables, telephone lines, and other electronics.

Recover From Thunderstorm Damage in Plymouth & Troy

Recover From Thunderstorm Damage in Plymouth & Troy

The end result of a severe lightning strike is devastating and your house needs the proper care to be able to recover from it. Concraft’s certified restoration team can help you recover from destruction affordably. We are the leading disaster restoration company since 1986 serving across Southeast Michigan.

Our aim is to provide the homeowners and property owners with professional restoration care when they are going through an unfortunate event. In order to help our customers triumph victory over disaster, we offer restoration for flood damage, hail damage, water damage, mold, and lots more.

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Lightning Damage Insurance Claim Assistance

Save your valuable time by letting us handle your insurance claim process. We assess the damages and bill directly to your insurance company. We have trained insurance professionals who sincerely manage damage assessment and maximize your claim reward. Focus on your family or damaged property or other important aspects of your life while we focus on your insurance claim.

Thunderstorm Restoration Services

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Count on Concraft When Lightning or Thunderstorm Strikes

Damages involved in lightning strikes or thunderstorms may get quite extensive, but luckily Concraft has the experience, equipment, and expertise to restore all the structures back to their original condition. We are serving in Novi, Rochester Hills, Plymouth, Troy, and more nearby areas in Southeast Michigan.

If you are struck by lightning or thunderstorm damage, call us 24/7 at 248-265-3438 for professional attention.