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Wall Mold Damage Restoration in Detroit & Pontiac, MI

Plaster, drywall, and paint are common components of walls in homes and businesses. Unfortunately, they're also breeding grounds for mold after water damage or persistent moisture. Wall mold damage can become widespread, and it requires a professional mold remediation specialist.

Plumbing leaks or breaks behind walls, roof and ceiling leaks can all lead to wall mold damage. To avoid the potential health hazards and structural damage that mold poses, Concraft provides superior, reliable wall mold damage restoration and removal across the Detroit area. We're your No. 1 solution for efficient, effective mold remediation.

We assist customers in DetroitAuburn Hills, RomulusBloomfield HillsGrand BlancColumbus, Rochester, and cities across our MI service area. Call us at 248-265-3438 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation with a Concraft representative.

Common Wall Mold Signs | Call Concraft in Auburn Hills, MI

Mold growth underneath walls that penetrates the surface could be a sign you need professional wall mold damage restoration. For these mold-conducive conditions, call Concraft.

  • Excessive humidity: Persistent humidity might call for professional dehumidifying equipment, or having the most affected areas treated for moisture control.

  • Condensation: Windows or other areas that aren't properly sealed can form condensation on interior walls in certain seasons. Once this water cycle is repeated over and over, mold can eventually take up residence.

  • Plumbing leaks: These are simple, but common causes of mold growth inside interior walls. Leaks or bursts that have stayed hidden won't for long; the resulting mold damage, musty odors, discoloration, or foundation seepage will be difficult to miss.

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Trust Concraft For Superior Wall Mold Damage Restoration in Pontiac, MI

Concraft has served Detroit-area homeowners and business owners since 1986, providing a wide selection of restoration options. For highly skilled, certified wall mold damage restoration, we are Michigan's superior mold remediation specialist. We also assist customers with mold testing, structural mold, mold decontamination, ceiling mold, floor mold, and more. Call us at 248-265-3438 or contact us online to learn more and book an appointment with a Concraft team member.