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Removal of Smoke Odor From Hard Surfaces in Detroit, MI

The disaster of fire can happen to anyone, anywhere. The after-fire condition is a mixture of burned space and smoke odor on surface. Smoke odor gets stuck on any surface easily. But worry no more because Concraft is about to bring back the freshness of your space and we are adamant about it.

As a licensed fire damage restoration contractor in the greater Detroit and Ann Arbor area, provides extensive smoke and odor removal services from hard surface for both residential and commercial property owners. Call us or contact us in Michigan for swift fire odor restoration. 

The Challenge of Smoke Odor in Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces such as wood, laminate, stone, plastic, and leather, while appearing smooth, are porous on a microscopic level. This means they can absorb and retain smoke particles from a fire, causing persistent smoky or burnt odors. Removing these odors is crucial not only for restoring the aesthetics of your property but also for ensuring a healthy environment.

The Importance of Timely Smoke Odor Removal

The smoke and ash in the air during the fire had to land somewhere, and hard surfaces are not safe from it. Delaying the process makes it hard to get of the smell. The importance of timely smoke odor removal is given below:

Health Risks: Prolonged exposure to smoke odor can cause respiratory issues, headaches, and aggravate allergies. The tiny smoke particles can embed deep into the pores of hard surfaces, continuously releasing harmful substances into the air.

Property Damage: Delaying the removal of smoke odor can permanently damage hard surfaces. Smoke residue can cause discoloration and weaken the structural integrity of materials over time.

Reduced Property Value: Persistent smoke odor can significantly decrease the market value of your property. Lingering smells often deter Potential buyers or tenants, associating us with poor maintenance and hidden damages.

Why Choose Concraft for Smoke Odor Removal?

At Concraft, we specialize in removing smoke odor from hard surfaces following a fire incident. With years of experience and a licensed team of experts, we possess the necessary skills and equipment to effectively eliminate smoke odor, making your property fresh and odor-free.

Certified Restoration Crew:

Concraft’s restoration crew is trained under the supervision of experienced Professionals. We have the expertise to tackle smoke-related issues effectively.

Advanced Equipment:

The team is equipped with advanced tools capable of permanently removing smoke odor from various surfaces, including furniture, walls, rooms, ventilation systems, and attics.

Our Comprehensive Smoke Odor Removal Process

We are a very organized restoration contractor taking every step of the removal process seriously. The entire process is discribed below: 

  • Assessment: Detailed inspection to identify affected areas.
  • Cleaning: Deep cleaning using industry-leading techniques and products.
  • Sanitization: Ensuring all surfaces are hygienically clean.
  • Air Quality Control: Using advanced air purification methods.
  • Follow-up: Regular checks to maintain a smoke-free environment.


Our Other Services 

Concraft, a trusted fire damage restoration contractor serving the greater Detroit and Ann Arbor areas, offers a comprehensive range of services to address fire-related issues. Let’s delve into the details:

Smoke & Soot Restoration

Insulation Replacement: Concraft handles insulation replacement due to smoke and soot damage.

Soot Damage Assessment: Our experts assess the extent of soot damage and recommend appropriate restoration steps.

Smoke Damage Assessment: Concraft evaluates smoke damage to determine necessary repairs.

Smoke-Damaged Drywall: We repair drywall affected by smoke exposure.

Smoke-Stained Ceiling: Concraft restores ceilings marred by smoke stains.

Smoke Odor Removal

Deodorization: Concraft employs professional techniques to eliminate smoke odors from your property.

Ventilating: Proper ventilation aids in smoke odor removal. Concraft’s experts handle this process efficiently.

Duct System Smoke Removal: Concraft tackles the challenge of removing smoke particles from duct systems using specialized tools.

Duct Inspection: Thorough inspections ensure no lingering smoke odors.

Detailed Estimates: Concraft provides transparent estimates for smoke odor removal services.

Professional Team: Our certified restoration crew, trained by experienced professionals, ensures effective smoke odor removal.

On-Site in an Hour: Concraft responds promptly to address smoke-related issues.

Affordable Pricing: Quality service without breaking the bank.

Other Fire-Related Services

Fire Insurance Claims: Concraft assists with navigating insurance claims after fire incidents.

Residential Fire Damage Restoration: From single-family homes to luxury properties, Concraft restores fire-damaged spaces.

Structural Fire Damage: We address structural issues caused by fires.

Call Us To Remove Smoke Odor From Outer Surface 

When disaster strikes, Concraft is your beacon of hope. As a 24/7 emergency service restoration company, we’ve been serving the Greater Detroit Metro Area and Southeast Michigan since 1986. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Let’s explore what makes Concraft the ideal choice for all your restoration needs. Call us or contact us so that we can help you.