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Comment My mothers home was spray painted by vandals, days before Christmas. The damage the vandals caused was severe, & the paint was sprayed all over the garage door, siding, & exterior lighting. My mother contacted Concraft to see what could be done, & without missing a step one of the owners (I believe his name was Aneal) said it could be cleaned, & that someone would be out later that day to take care of it. What a releif that they were coming out that day since we had put a tarp up to cover up the profanity that was painted on the house. I had no idea that this sort of damage could be cleaned/repaired without painting or replacing siding (mainly, because the siding was light gray...almost white). I was prepared to take a day off work to try & remedy the situation in the freezing cold Decemeber weather, but was relieved to hear that Concraft was coming to take care of it. The service was exceptional to say the least...they treated my mother with prompt, professional, & friendly service. I could not believe how low the cost was, & was really touched by service the owner & this company provided to my mother. I wanted to see the cleanup for my self & was so amazed on how great everything looked. Concraft really knocked it out of the park on this one...I will be sure to spread the word to everyone I come in contact & share my story! Again, to Concraft & their employees...Thank You...Merry Christmas, & Happy Holidays.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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