JHP Pharmaceuticals


Rochester Hills

Loss Type:

Fire and smoke damage


Emergency structural cleaning and repairs

Description of Loss:

A machine caught fire in the middle of the night causing a severe plastic smoke odor in approximately 1000 sq. ft. of office space. Concraft performed emergency cleanup and repairs same day of loss and got the offices back to normal. Cleaning was required in a very sensitive area where drugs are produced.

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Condominium Association

A co-owner came home from a long day of work and went to bed. A few minutes later he was woken up by his neighbor because his pickup-truck was on fire.

Condominium Association

An electrical issue caused a massive fire damaging 8 condominiums approximately 1200 sq. ft. each. Four adjoining units had to be cleaned and painted.

Ellis Manor

A fire started in a kitchen of a 3rd floor senior citizens home totaling 36,000sq. ft. The fire was contained to the unit and common hallway; however the water damage was to all 3 floors affecting units below and common areas.

Mr. Hodge

A candle started a fire on the 2nd floor to this 2,500 sq. ft. home. The fire gutted the entire upstairs and water saturated the main level and basement.

New England Townhouses

A fire started in an upstairs bedroom from an unknown source causing extensive fire damage to one unit and water/smoke damage to the neighboring unit totaling approximately 2,000 sq ft of damage.

Roman Village

This restaurant was fire bombed in the middle of the night causing smoke and water damage to a banquet room, dining area, and bar totaling approximately 10,000 sq. ft.

Sutton Farms

A cigarette caught this unit on fire causing significant smoke and fire damage throughout the unit.

Washington Square Apartments

A fire broke out in a unit from an electrical issue causing severe fire damage to 8 units. Each unit was approximately 650 sq. ft. totaling 5,200 sq. ft. of fire reconstruction.

Williamsburg of Birmingham

A fire started on the 2nd floor of this condominium from a candle causing significant fire, smoke, and water damage. The damage extended to the units below and to the exterior of the building.